Bionicman – Superhero with a disability

A hero with hand and heart

At first sight, Bionicman, lacking a hand, looks to have a handicap. Does that make him weak? No. Thanks to modern robotics, a caring heart and strong will, he defends the weak. With the comic series “Bionicman”,  children are made aware of different people from an early age. They learn that all people are equal and worthy of respect.

Making bionics tangible for children

Bionicman is the champion of Give Children, a Hand. Since mid-2016, the charity has been producing customised hand prostheses for children together with doctors, designers and owners of 3D printers. Together, they make children’s eyes shine: with two hands, new possibilities open up for the girls and boys who were born without them or who have lost them through accidents or illness.

Paperback – Bionicman Band 1: A superhero with a disability

Until recently, Michel Fornasier did everything his way: he was born without his right hand. Then one day his life changed forever. He received a state-of-the-art bionic hand prosthesis, and it opened up a world of new possibilities for him.

After discovering this world, Michel wanted to share it with the others, and started working on what was then his passion project: “Give Children a Hand”.

Together with doctors, designers and owners of 3D printers, the established charity manufactures customised hand prostheses for children.

Michel also realised that children with missing hands need more than just prosthetics. They also need a role model. Welcome, “Bionicman”. With this superhero, Michel Fornasier (author) and David Boller (artist) have created a comic series that encourages children to reach their potentials. On his adventures, the one-handed superhero helps those less fortunate and shows that his heart is his most important muscle.

Immerse yourself in a world of humanity, action and surprises.

The time for empowerment is now! It’s time for Bionicman!

With the purchase of this comic you’re supporting “Give Children a Hand”. Thank you very much!

The comic series

In his adventures, Bionicman helps people in difficult life situations. He does this by using his heart, his hands and sometimes getting a little lucky.


Book «Bionicman» Michel Fornasier for a lecture. Informative, forward-looking and emotional, he talks about his bionic hand, about the topic of human vs robotics, the future of possibilities and the integration of disabled people into the world of work. Send us your request, and we will be happy to contact you to make arrangements.

Together strong

Bionicman is supported by Wyss Zurich, “Give Children a Hand,” and Premium Speakers.


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